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An ancient complementary therapy, reflexology involves massaging and applying pressure to the hands and feet. Here at Rainbow Therapies, our reflexologists see a relationship between certain pressure points and the overall function of organs and glands, and believe that applying pressure in the right places can have a good impact on a person’s health and well-being. Don't believe us? If you're around Wednesbury, give us a call on 07514597841 and see for yourself.

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Most of us have heard of reflexology but not as many know what’s actually involved in a treatment. When you arrive for your appointment we will first complete a comprehensive consultation covering your medical history and any particular issues. Then your reflexologist will tailor your treatment to your needs, massaging and applying pressure to certain areas of your hands and feet, depending on what your priorities are.

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Hi My name is Carrie, im the owner of rainbow therapies. A little bit of background of rainbow therapies and myself, ive worked in the nhs for the past 10 years and after some personal issues, i decided to start my spiritual jornery. This started with my reiki level 1 soon to be level 2, from there it went to reflexology, then facials and so on. Now is the right time for me to start a new path and signs from the angels have pointed me in this direction. This path certainly found me and not the other way round. Along side me is my mom, she will be doing some different treatments so we will have a range of hoilistc therapies, so its very much a family buisness. Please do join us on our spiritual journey you never know what you might discover about yourself.


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